Hand Assembling SMD Circuit Boards

At litehouse.io, we recently got our 1st prototype board. We decided to do hand assembly of the SMD circuit board instead of sending it to the fab!

This is my 1st circuit board assembly. Soldering the SMD components can be really daunting. But if you have proper tools and resources in hand, it is not all that bad.

Here is how our soldering area looks like


Soldering in progress …


Without further ado, lets list down the necessary tools and resources used to complete the hand assembly of the SMD circuit board.

X-Tronic Hot Air Rework & Soldering Station: This (or any other brand you like) is a keeper. The kit is a collection of a bunch of necessary tools that you will need. So instead of ordering them separately, you can save $$$ on this package.

Solder tip cleaner: More useful than the traditional spongy cleaner that comes with the soldering station.

Vacuum Pickup Station: Extremely useful for pick&place of the tiny resistors, capacitors etc. Although my 0603 size resistors were too small for the smallest vacuum suction tip that this kit has. It sucked up 3 of the resistor and I still can’t find them! So I ended up using the tweezer for the resistors (painful). I need to find smaller tip for vacuum suction.

Flux Paste: This is your best friend!

Wipers: Needed to cleanup after soldering.

Flux Brushes: Needed to cleanup after soldering.

How to SMD Soldering
Soldering QFN Components
How to use Vacuum Pickup Tool

My begineer soldering kits
Soldering Station
Helping Hand
Desoldering pump


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