Startup Grind 2015

Startup Grind 2015

Startup Grind 2015 was in Redwood City this February. This is my first Startup Grind. Thanks to the organizers for the scholarship. I attended the event without paying a penny!

The two day event had 1:1 sessions, panels and workshop with an incredible line of speakers.

My background is hardware so I was specifically interested in Matt Rogers and Eric Migicovosky. Matt shared his experience at Apple and how it shaped some of the decisions at Nest, how his role is evolving from the early days of Nest to a grown up Nest. Eric’s session was more into Pebble’s take on Apple watch. I loved it how cool he was in answering those questions.

I also attended the sessions with Matt Miller of Sequoia Capital, Paul from Alta Venture, Manu Kumar from K9 venture, AngelList syndicate session, Health session with Halle Taco, Jeff of Priceline, Google Venture, Mike from Instagram and Biz Stone from Twitter.

My top 3 lessons from the Startup Grind 2015.

  1. Hardware products take 2X more money and 3X more time than you think you need – Matt Rogers, Nest.
  2. Nail it before you scale it – Matt Miller of Sequoia Capital on scaling your startup.
  3. Always value people not organization – Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder.

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