The Perfect Pour
Developed an Arduino based smart beer cozy that can detect how well you are pouring and prevents you from spilling the beer. We used a 3-axix accelerometer to detect the tilt angel. Messages are displayed in the LCD screen to signal you whether you are pouring too fast or too slow. And guess what? We won a book as the prize! The code is in github.

Developed an Arduino-based tracking system. Used a sensor fusion chip MPU-6050 (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, temperature), connected it to the I2C bus of the Arduino to read the raw sensor data. The sensor captures the hand motion. These raw data are then processed through DSP filtering algorithm and graphically drawn in the monitor using Processing APIs.

Co-developed an Arduino-based simple robot car for a STEM workshop in Portland, OR.

Heart-rate monitoring system
Developed TI MSP-430 based heart rate monitoring system to explore energy harvesting opportunities in wearable devices. Did a trade-off analysis of various analog circuit components (OPAMPs etc.) of the EKG signal monitoring circuit to decide on which component has lowest power requirement. Used TI’s IAR toolset as an IDE to program the MSP-430.

Co-founded 3SM Systems in the junior year of my college. We developed local language based SMS solution. Our solution was sold to multiple telecom vendors.


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