What’s happening?

Nov – litehouse.io is featured at GigaOM & TUAW
Sept – Open Hardware Summit at Rome, Italy
July – Co-chair at Open Hardware Summit
Apr – speaking at Bluetooth World Silicon Valley
Feb – 1st TEDx talk
Jan – featured at EEWeb
Jan – litehouse.io is Delaware incorporated!

Dec – left Intel
July – started monthly hardware meetup
Jan – volunteering at Chicktech STEM workshop

Nov – serving in the advisory board of Chicktech
Aug – Portland Maker Faire

Sept – enrolled into Stanford Electrical Engineering. Full-time work & part-time study!

July – joined Intel as a full time employee

June – Intel internship starts at Folsom, CA

Nov – Supercomputing Conference at Austin, TX
Oct – Grace Hopper Conference at  Keystone, CO
June – DARPA FPGA workshop at Salt Lake City, UT
Apr – Anita Borg Scholars Retreat at Mountain View, CA
Feb – Google Anita Borg Scholarship


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